Tuesday, February 25, 2014

stuff ...

okay so im trying to write these papers and stuff since im finally getting  internet at this dang house.   I am really getting overloaded with everything i have to do.  It seems that english is my worst subject and it is going to be really hard for me to do.   I could really use some assistance with these papers... like what exactly am i supposed to write about on these topics....  idk.  Hopefully now that i have time to focus on what i need to get done for school.  i may be able to get it done.. ive been reading over stuff for the grammer schammers.  who knows  hopefully this week will be better than the others and i can actually do some catching up.


Its been a really rough few weeks.   Aiyden has been really sick and I haven't been able to come to class because of it and work.  So I really dont known where we are and I would really like some help.  I am hoping that i can catch up because i really do enjoy this class.  im finding it hard to write the papers and for some reason  keep getting writers block everytime i try and get it done...    

Friday, February 7, 2014


Well guys we have a five page paper to write in crime and punishment this weekend. Wahoo!!!   Hopefully I can concentrate with company around..... probably not but I'll try.   It shouldn't be but so hard considering the amount of information there is on that topic alone.   I don't even remember what the other topics are.  I alone don't know very much on crime and punishment I try not to get into trouble much so yea.   If anybody can help me in telling me how to go about starting this paper please do.


So apparently my post from last night decided not to publish..... dernit blogger.